Nick Lane wins Summer Series tournament #2

Congratulations to Nick Lane for winning the second of three summer pinball tournaments at Pocketeer Billiards and Bar in Buffalo. We had 24 total players again this time, and were glad to host a number of new players for the competition.

Top four finishers of Summer Series #2. From left to right: Bruce Nightingale, second; Nick Lane, first; Jordan Nittoli, fourth; Eric Russell, third.

The complete results are below, and will be posted to the IFPA soon. You’ve got one more chance to play this summer as we wrap up the Summer Series at Pocketeer Billiards on August 23. We’ve also got a few spots left in the league, so if you had fun at the tournament and want to join us once a month from September 2014 – April 2015, be sure to sign up.

Final standings from Summer Series #2:

  1. Nick Lane
  2. Bruce Nightingale
  3. Eric Russell
  4. Jordan Nittoli
  5. Michael Suszka
  6. Amos Hanley
  7. Jay Fairbrother
  8. Peter O’Brien
  9. Jason Plourde
  10. Neil Parrish
  11. Paul McNamara
  12. David Bentivegna
  13. Dave Dluga
  14. Kevin Manne
  15. Philip J Tomczak
  16. Matt Quantz
  17. Kathie Nightingale
  18. Bret Wallace
  19. Joey Ryan
  20. Adan Becerra
  21. Logan Manne
  22. Jeff Wirth
  23. Chris Sartain
  24. Maynor Gonzales

1 thought on “Nick Lane wins Summer Series tournament #2

  1. k3v2 Post author

    Here’s a breakdown of the day, courtesy of Bruce Nightingale:

    Well first lets say great job to Pocketeer pinball bringing in more games and making a great pinball hall in Buffalo.

    Next lets get down to the 2nd Pocketeer pinball highlights.

    24 of the best pinball players came to pocketeer to win for glory and IFPA points.
    We had a lot of different players then last time. It showed in the top 8.

    Play was for 3 1/2 hours and 8 rounds of play to see who was the top 8 finalists. Bruce Nightingale was the top qualifier. Eric Russell was the 2nd top qualifier. Only Bruce and Nick were carryovers from the last top 8. So 6 different people qualified.

    Bruce’s group had Nick Lane,Amos Hanley, and Peter O’Brien. Eric’s group was Jordon Nittoli, Micheal Suszka and Jay Fairbrother. Bruce and Eric picked the games for each group. At the end the first` round Bruce and Nick qualified from the A group.
    Eric qualified for the B group. But we had a tie for the 2nd spot between Micheal and Jordon. So a one game playoff picked by Micheal the higher seed,to be played on Roller coaster tycoon. Jordon was our winner in that match and moved on to the final rounds. Congrats to the Amos,Peter,Micheal and Jay.Making it to the top 8 is very impressive.

    So with the top 4 set and knowing they were going to win some money. It was glory time.
    The games played in the round were World poker tour, Simpsons,and RCT. After 3 games it was Bruce and Jordon 5 points each and Nick and Eric at 4 points each.

    The final pick was Space shuttle. Nick won the game and the tournament. There was a tie for second with Bruce and Eric. Jordon took home 4th.

    So the final game was Simpsons again. Eric pulled out to a 5 mil to 1 mil lead with the last ball. Bruce got to 4.4 mil on the drain of the final ball. But the bonus was 750 and beat Eric by 125 thousand.

    Very great tournament. Great job by the top 4 players. Congrats to Nick lane as the July Pocketeer winner.

    The last event for the summer is Aug 23rd. We need to get everyone who showed up for both events here and have a huge final tournament.

    Don’t forget there are still a couple of spots in the league, don’t miss out on the second year of the league.

    Who will win the final tournament? The only way to find out,is to show up and play. You cant win,if you are not in.


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