Buffalo Pinball hosts a weekly live streamed show on Twitch called “Bro, do you even pinball?”

The shows start off with a brief tutorial of the game, then jump into some friendly competitive action. Shows air at 8 p.m. Eastern each Thursday at and are archived for later viewing on our YouTube channel.

Be sure to give us a follow to be notified when we go live. And jump into the chat and say hi, ask questions and we’ll answer them on the stream. We also run chat trivia so you can test your knowledge of pinball and other stuff related to the week’s game.

Want to start streaming your own pinball gameplay? Check out our guide to streaming real pinball on Twitch

Playlist of past broadcasts on YouTube

Hall of Fame

When guests come on the show they battle it out against the Bro Crew in a Mortal Kombat-style ladder matchup, starting with the player with the lowest “Bro show” record moving up to the player with the best record. Here’s a running list of past players and their records:

0-4 club: Johny Chow, David Fix, Shawn Kibler, Mike Jurkowski, Laura Fairbrother, Joey Ryan, Rick Platt, Shane “Rerez” Luis, Adam Gacek, Community Beer Works, Steve Butzler, Nate Benson, Paul McNamara, Logan Manne, Eric Press, John Barsh, Todd Brotsch, Jay Fairbrother, Phil Hubert, Summer Galarneau

4-0 club: James Alderson, Chris Sardo, Ed Robertson, Kevin Manne, Jeff Becker, Steve Daniels, Matt Hess, Jordan Nittoli, Mark Nagy (x3), Bruce Nightingale (x2)


SEASON 4 (31 Episodes)

SEASON 3 (41 Episodes)

SEASON 2 (49 Episodes)

SEASON 1 (21 Episodes)

* Bro Road Show, not the full Bro lineup.

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