Buffalo Pinball in The Buffalo News


A story in The Buffalo News covers the resurgence of pinball both locally and nationally and quotes league members Kevin Manne, Nick Lane, Jay Fairbrother and former league member John Barsh.

Barsh spends hours, and tens of thousands of dollars, feeding his hobby. His basement is a symbol of the nationwide resurgence of pinball.

Not the video game version on a touch-screen tablet but the real deal, played on machines as big as a car hood that used to be at every pizzeria and dive bar in the neighborhood, with flashing lights, dinging bells and levers that jettison little balls.

Barsh is part of a new generation raised on Xboxes and smartphones who has rediscovered the delights of pinball.

“Everything is so digital these days,” said Kevin Manne, a member of the Buffalo Pinball League. “You sit at work and stare at a screen and come home and stare at a screen. This is a physical, real game.”

It’s gaining momentum in Buffalo, too. The Buffalo Pinball League formed last fall and the organizers, including Barsh and Manne, had to turn people away.

You can read the complete story here, or on the front page of the Aug. 14, 2014 issue of The Buffalo News: http://www.buffalonews.com/city-region/buffalo/classic-pinball-sees-resurgence-in-popularity-20140813#

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