bdyetp-1400Bro, do you even talk pinball?

Once a month, Nick and Kevin do a live talk show on Twitch and discuss the top pinball news, share game room updates, review pinball machines and share some lessons learned in the world of pinball. The show is then archived on YouTube and as a podcast, where you can watch or listen on demand.


Here’s all the different ways to watch/listen/participate:

Video Feeds

  • Twitch
    To watch the show live and join the conversation. Ask questions and give feedback right during the show.
  • YouTube
    Missed the show live but still want to watch? This is your chance.

Podcast Feeds
If you prefer to listen to the show, the podcast is available on a number of platforms:

Playlist of past episodes on YouTube

Game review scores from past episodes

Score key: 0-2: Burn It | 3-5: Expensive Night Light | 6-8: Solid game | 9-10: Buy It

  • Tron: 9.0 (Kevin) 9.0 (Nick)
  • Big Buck Hunter Pro: 7.0 (Kevin) 7.5 (Nick)
  • Game of Thrones: 6.5 (Kevin) 7.5 (Nick)
  • The Walking Dead: 9.0 (Kevin) 9.5 (Nick) 6.5 (Taylor)
  • KISS (Stern): 7.5 (Kevin) 7.5 (Nick)
  • Metallica: 8.0 (Kevin) 9.0 (Nick)
  • Ghostbusters:8.5 (Kevin) 8 .0 (Nick)
  • Medieval Madness: 9 (Kevin) 8.5 (Nick)
  • Aerosmith: 8.5 (Kevin) 9 (Nick)
  • Wrestlemania: 7.5 (Kevin) 7.5 (Nick)
  • Revenge from Mars: 7 (Kevin) 8.25 (Mike)
  • Batman ’66: 4 (Kevin) 4 (Nick)