Buffalo Pinball League: Top Four 2015-16 Season Finalists and Final Standings

The regular season of the 2015-16 Buffalo Pinball League is complete! The top four finishers in each division are:

A Division
1. Bruce Nightingale
2. Nick Lane
3. Eric Russell
4. Kevin Manne

B Division
1. Doug Heerdt
2. Greg Sisti
3. David Bentivegna
4. Martha Donovan

These eight players will advance to finals, to be held Saturday, May 14. Practice will begin at 5 p.m. and play will begin at 6 p.m. as usual. Location is still to be determined.

During finals, there will be a side tournament for all 2015-16 league members who didn’t make the playoffs. The top finisher of the side tournament will earn FREE ENTRY into next year’s league!

Complete final standings for the season are available on the Standings page. Thanks to everyone for a great season!

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