Ian Harrower wins Pocketeer Winter Pinball Tournament

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It was a Canadian takeover at the Pocketeer Winter Pinball Tournament as all top 5 finishers in the A Division hailed from our neighbor to the north.

Held Jan. 10, 2016, the tournament saw a total of 59 players compete across both divisions–our biggest tournament to date! The top three finishers were Ian Harrower, first place, Jack Tadman, second place and Adam Becker, third place.

In B Division, the USA fared better with Martha Donovan finishing first, Brian Benton, second and Doug Heerdt, third.

Full final standings for both divisions are below and will be posted to the IFPA for world ranking soon. Thank you to everyone who came out and played for making it a great time.

A Division

1. Ian Harrower
2. Jack Tadman
3. Adam Becker
4. Sean ONeill
5. Mike Bartolo
6. John Flitton
7. Bruce Nightingale
8. Amos Hanley
9. Jordan Nittoli
10. Joey Ryan Jr.
11. Curt Pasisz
12. Jason Plourde
13. Jeff Teolis
14. Logan Manne
15. Steve Toth
15. Dan Beeson
15. Jeffrey Wirth
18. Jay Fairbrother
18. Brian Trenholm
18. Philip J Tomczak
21. Martin Szewczyk
21. Nick Lane
21. Dave Romanowski
24. Kevin Manne
25. Rob Metzler
25. Ryan Willard
27. Andrew LaFica
27. Rico Argentieri
27. Craig Kroll
27. Jeff Becker
27. Eric Russell
27. Benny Ulker
33. Joe Ciaravino
33. Adam Pasisz
33. Joe Thurston
33. Bob Kollander
37. Bret Wallace
37. Sean Gerasimowicz
37. Michael Suszka
37. Joey Ryan

B Division

1. Martha Donovan
2. Brian Benton
3. Doug Heerdt
4. Dave Dluga
5. Kristian Haeussler
6. Nicole Corsaro
7. Jeff Cannon
7. Joshua Lanyzs
9. Todd Brotsch
10. Austin Romanowski
10. Lauren Campise
12. Nikki Delorenzo
13. Jamie Hampton
14. Jon Thompson
15. Shawn Kibler
16. Lukas Heerdt
17. Matt McCrorey
17. Amy Ray
17. Scott Benton

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