Amos Hanley tops Flip Off Hunger Tournament

Congratulations to Amos Hanley for taking the top spot at the Flip Off Hunger tournament, hosted by the WNY Pinball League on Nov. 15 in Bloomfield NY. Rounding out the top four were Kevin Manne, Nick Lane and Ron Hallett Jr.

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In the side tournament, Ron Hallett Sr. topped the list, followed by Bruce Nightingale, Jordan Nittoli and Matt Hess.

In all, 31 players raised $320 to benefit local food pantries. Players also brought donations of non-perishable food items for hungry families this holiday season. Thanks as always to Bruce and Kathie Nightingale for hosting and sharing their excellent collection of pinball machines with everyone!

Full final standings from the main and side tournament are below:

Main tournament

  1. Amos Hanley
  2. Kevin Manne
  3. Nick Lane
  4. Ron Hallett Jr.
  5. Jordan Nittoli
  6. Bruce Nightingale
  7. Eric Russell
  8. Bret Wallace
  9. James Weinstein
  10. Chris Nosiglia
  11. Jason Plourde
  12. Rob Metzler
  13. Doug Heerdt
  14. Andrew LaFica
  15. Joe Lane
  16. Ron Hallett Sr.
  17. Neil Parrish
  18. Matt Hess
  19. Joey Ryan Jr.
  20. Dave Romanowski
  21. Joey Ryan
  22. Joe LiButti
  23. Dave Dluga
  24. Andrew Donohue
  25. Jeffrey Wirth
  26. Deborah Mistark
  27. Shawn Romanowski
  28. Austin Romanowski
  29. Mark Vittore
  30. Lukas Heerdt
  31. Rebecca Donohue

Side tournament

  1. Ron Hallett Sr.
  2. Bruce Nightingale
  3. Jordan Nittoli
  4. Matt Hess
  5. Eric Russell
  6. Ron Hallett Jr.
  7. Neil Parrish
  8. Chris Nosiglia
  9. Jim Weinstein
  10. Joe Lane
  11. Jason Plourde
  12. Bret Wallace
  13. Dave Romanowski
  14. Deborah Mistark
  15. Joe LiButti
  16. Kevin Manne
  17. Joey Ryan Jr.
  18. Rob Metzler
  19. Nick Lane
  20. Amos Hanley
  21. Joey Ryan Sr.
  22. Doug Heerdt
  23. Jeff Wirth
  24. Luke Heerdt
  25. Austin Romanowski
  26. David Dluga
  27. Shawn Romanowski

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