POP Charity Pingolf Tournament Recap

Congratulations to Nick Lane for taking the top spot in the A Division of Saturday’s tournament at Pocketeer Billiards to benefit the Pinball Outreach Project. Adan Becera took first place in B division. In all we had a record 48 players and raised $330 to share the joy of pinball with children in need.

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The tournament also marked the debut of our new video camera and TV rig, which has been funded through league dues and contributions to Buffalo Pinball through 50/50 raffles. We featured it on Iron Man, which was used for A and B division and for tiebreakers. A big thanks to Bret Wallace for all his help getting the rig up and running. We’ll be using it for the coming launch party tournament for The Walking Dead too so everyone can see the action on Stern’s latest game.

Below are the full final standings from the tournament. A division players will be posted with point values to the IFPA ranking system within the next few days:

A Division: 

Nick Lane 22
John Delzoppo 22
Eric Russell 24
Bruce Nightingale 24
Jim Weinstein 25
Philip J Tomczak 26
Rob Metzler 26
Joey Ryan Jr. 26
Kathie Nightingale 27
Jason Plourde 27
Jeff Wirth 27
Joey Ryan 27
Amos Hanley 28
Deborah Mistark 28
Bret Wallace 29
Kevin Manne 29
Jay Fairbrother 29
Joe Libutti 30
Mike Jurkowski 31
Jeff Becker 31
Dave Romanowski 31
Jim Meszler 32
Andrew Lafica 32
Logan Manne 32
Andrew Donohue 32
Courtney Barrey 34
Michael Suszka 35
Brian Barrey Jr. 36
Mark Vittore 36

B Division

Adan Becera 14
Shawn Romanowski 17
Maynor Gonzalez 17
Dan Pattison 20
Daniel Ratel 21
Etienne Bulle 21
Jim O’Brien 21
Emily Leone 21
Rachel Heckl 22
Austin Romanowski 23
Dan Lafica 23
Rupal Patel 24
Jasmine Brletich 25
Sean Gerasimowicz 26
Britany Libutti 28
Martha Donovan 29
Rico Argentieri 30
Amanda Milewicz 31
Cheryl Brzostowski 35

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