Summer Series #1 down, two to go!

Bruce Nightingale took the top spot in Buffalo’s first-ever pinball tournament at a public location on June 21 at Pocketeer Billiards and Bar in Buffalo.

In all, 24 players participated in the event. Don’t forget, we’ve got two more events just like this coming up at Pocketeer on July 26 and Aug. 23.

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Final standings:

1. Bruce Nightingale
2. Rob Metzler
3. Nick Lane
4. Kevin Manne
5. Chris Nosiglia
6. David Bentivegna
7. Paul McNamara
7. Mike Szilagyi

9. Bret Wallace
10. Matt Quantz
11. Jason Plourde
12. Andy Schwab
13. Phil Tomczak
14. Ron Sanecki
15. Jay Fairbrother
16. Michael Suszka
17. Logan Manne
18. Renee Downing
19. Paul Sutton
20. Eric Russell
21. Dave Cohen
22. Jeff Wirth
23. Josh Reitz
24. Amy Jo Lauber

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