Buffalo Pinball Open Results

Results from the 2014 Buffalo Pinball Open, held January 25

  1. Adam Becker
  2. John Flitton
  3. Chris Pugh
  4. Nick Lane
  5. Robert Forbes
  6. Jack Tadman
    Jordan Nittoli
  7. Brian Barrey Jr.
    Neil Parrish
    Chris Sartain
    Craig Kroll
  8. Bruce Nightingale
    Kevin Manne
    John Barsh
    Jim Meszler
    Greg Sisti
  9. Matt Quantz
    Rob Metzler
  10. Leanne Tull
    Gary Parsons Jr.
  11. Doug Heerdt
    Courtney Barrey
    Etienne Bulle
  12. Logan Manne

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