10 teams to battle in inaugural Buffalo Pinball Team League

Ten teams totaling 51 players will make up the first ever Buffalo Pinball Team League, beginning Sept. 9! Check out the original post for all the details and rules.

Thank you to everyone who signed up — we can’t wait to get started. In the meantime, check out the schedule and matchups, and the full lineup of teams and players:

Team League 2015Canandaigua Shooters
Sean, Rico, Joseph, Josh, Brandon and Adam

Flipper the Bird
Amanda, Janine, Laura, Beth and Jen

Fliptastic Four
Amos, Lauren, Cheryl and Dan

Glass Off All Stars
Dave, Remy, Peggy, Phil, Steve and Jane

The Golden Guys
Dave, Kevin, Jeff, Curt, Jim and Jack

Jesus Take the Flippers
Nick, Martha, Emily, Etienne, Rob and Phil

Night Vale Spiderwolves
Helen, Jamie, Gabriel, Kristian and Nicole

Outlane Kings
Andrew, Joe, Michael, Mike and Jamie

Pinpin Ain’t Easy
John, Jamie, Chris, Neil and Mark

Silverball Shooters
Frank, Ben, Mark and Jeff

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