Ladies League: Results from Night No. 3 and Current Standings

It’s time for everyone’s favorite part of the second Monday night of the month…an update on Ladies League Night scores and standings!

This was another thrilling week of pinball with even more close matches. A new ladies league member, Janine, snuck in and caused quite a stir, taking second place for the evening. Emily and Laura are still in a close battle for second place; they tied for the evening and Emily managed to hold onto her two-point lead. Will Laura take her down next time? Stay tuned for the next update from Ladies League.

League night No. 3 results:

  • Martha 22
  • Janine 21
  • Emily 17
  • Laura 17
  • Lauren 16
  • Cheryl 15

Cumulative standings after three nights:

  • Martha 76
  • Emily 57
  • Laura 55
  • Lauren 49
  • Cheryl 43
  • Rupal 28
  • Janine 21
  • Nehal 18
  • Peggy 15


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