League: Season 1 Complete, Playoffs May 10

The first regular season of Buffalo Pinball league play is in the books. The top four finishers from each division will advance to next month’s playoffs, hosted by Vance Collin May 10 in Chili, NY. Congratulations to the “final eight”:

A Division

  1. Nick Lane
  2. Bruce Nightingale
  3. Neil Parrish
  4. Jamie Brundage

B Division

  1. Jordan Nittoli
  2. Dave Bentivegna
  3. Jay Fairbrother
  4. Rob Metzler

As Jay is unable to make the B Division playoffs, Craig will step in and have the opportunity to compete for all the fame and glory (and a few dollars).

For the rest of us who didn’t make the playoffs, we will hold a single elimination tournament, with the winner earning a free entry into the league for next season.

Check out the final standings here. See you at the playoffs!

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