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To preregister for the Buffalo Pinball Summer Open, send $25 via PayPal to by July 31 (please send as friends/family and note that it is for the Buffalo Pinball Summer Open. If registering for more than one person, please send names of all registrants with payment).

By preregistering, you’ll get you five complimentary tournament entries and will help us better plan for the proper number of players.


After July 31, you’ll be able to register at the door but won’t get the complimentary tournament entries.

100% of entry money will go to prize payouts and trophies (see entry “Entry Cost” below for more details). Registration/preregistration money is nonrefundable and will go to Buffalo Pinball, PAPA, and the IFPA.

Entry cost

During the tournament, entries will cost $1 each, plus a fee of $1 to coin-up the machine, which will be charged when each entry is purchased. In other words, instead of coining up the machine, it will be set to free play, and the $1 cost to coin-up will be deducted when each entry is purchased. As in years past, the $1 fee for machine will go to the operator.

The cost is the same it has been for the past two years. By taking out the cost to coin-up the machine at the time an entry is purchased, players and tournament directors won’t be slowed down by coin/dollar jams, and players won’t have to have extra cash on hand to add the credits to games.


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